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The Center for Higher Education Development harnesses Kardan University resources, knowledge, and networks to advance higher education developmental priorities in Afghanistan.

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About CHED

The Center for Higher Education Development harnesses Kardan University resources, knowledge, and networks to advance higher education developmental priorities in Afghanistan. Through research activities, innovation programming, and application of expertise focused on higher education reform and development, CHED will serve as a catalyst and provider of the critical value propositions aimed at advancing development agendas in Afghanistan’s higher education sector.

The strength of Kardan University’s engagement in higher education sector is based on the University’s position as a market leader in higher education services. Kardan University’s sector development efforts are an important feature of the overall impact of the University and will be leveraged to strengthen the University’s position to contribute more substantially to higher education reform and development in the country.

Improving practices in the higher education sector is directly linked to improving higher education standards. In order to improve these standards, important systemic reforms are needed. These reforms need champions and advocates from the stakeholder community that comprise the sector. Investing in a platform such as the Center for Higher Education Development at Kardan University can serve to advance standards and quality of higher education in the country.


As a knowledge-based platform CHED serves the regulator, universities, industry, and students through multiple service delivery platforms contributing to knowledge generation, dissemination, and contributing to higher education sector development priorities.

Research and Knowledge

Through research and knowledge dissemination CHED serves as the knowledge partner to regulators and the higher education community. CHED works with university researchers and other partners in delivering high quality research.

Kardan University Chancellor Research Grant

CHED operates the Kardan University Chancellor Research Grant, a research program funded by the Chancellor of Kardan University focused on higher education.

Industry Partnership for Research

CHED is inviting industry and donor partners to fund student research projects.

Faculty Support Program for Research on Higher Education Reform

CHED is working in developing a research program funded by research grants aimed at encouraging faculty research directed at reforming policies, regulations, and practices in higher education.

Higher Education Innovation

CHED works to advance critical innovation in higher education targeted at policy, regulation, and value chain development. CHED operates multiple innovation schemes in support of higher education sector reform priorities.

Conference on Advancement of Higher Education in Afghanistan

An annual event that brings together researchers, policy makers, and industry to showcase their latest products, services, and innovations sponsored by Kardan University.

Higher Education Policy Network

An advisory network comprised of policy makers, academics, and representatives from industry and interest groups to provide input in policy formulations.

Afghanistan SDG Marketplace

CHED is developing an innovative virtual marketplace connecting universities, students, and higher education sector with industry innovation and products that can drive the higher education sector towards sustainable practices.

Technical Advisory

CHED mobilizes a critical mass of experts including scholars, professors, and researchers who can shape the higher education sector through technical advisory services. CHED fills the gap in the higher education sector by serving as an intellectual hub adapting and implementing best practices aimed at higher education sector development.


CHED delivers customized and impactful training aimed at improving critical capabilities needed to uplift higher education standards and capabilities.

Roster of Experts

Join CHED’s Roster of Experts, a premier hub that allows multi-disciplinary communities of practice to emerge in addressing critical challenges afflicting the higher education sector.


Consulting and advisory services to donors, government, and other universities to improve standards and business performance.

CHED Insights

CHED Insights is our knowledge sharing blog through which our experts and partners share critical information and insights about the latest developments relevant to the higher education sector in Afghanistan.